June 9

Here we are back in Baie de Prony or Baie de Rainy as I would like to dub it. A late season cyclone brewed up and looked like it might head over New Cal. This is very, very unusual to have a cyclone at this time of year. There are lots of boats all over this part of the Pacific and it worried us. We decided to be prudent and leave Ile des Pines and make a run for the only cyclone hole (i.e. a place that provides good protection in 80 knots of wind) and this was up a river in Baie de Prony. Many of the boats that were anchored near us decided to leave at the same time. We arrived to find a fairly full anchorage and we dropped anchor. We were extremely anxious as we tried to prepare the boat for the worst.

Today it looks like the cyclone has moved east and might not come down and will pass north of the island.We are going to wait 2 days before moving as cyclones tend to move unpredictably. I am thankful to not have to experience that. Sometimes living on a boat is not exactly carefree - Jordan and I were both extremely nervous and tense. The worst thing about a crowded anchorage is that some boats will drag their anchors and then proceed to smash into other boats. I have never seen winds above 45 knots and I have heard the sound is scary beyond belief.

I am so tired of the rain. I pray the Loyalty Islands are warmer and happier. It is nice to be around boats we know - it provides a welcome social distraction. It is hard for Jonah as there is not a lot to do when its cold and rainy. I wouldn't swim here as there is a lot of sea snakes and the water is muddy. I don't want to do any hikes in the rain and mud. I am making cookies as eating seems to be a good option.