June 7

We are having a lovely time in Likiep. Jordan and I recently celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary and therefore took a three day weekend (no school!). We had a great weekend, we did a dive and did some interesting snorkeling. Today we are back to school and I must admit the amount of work for third grade is pretty good and keeps us busy until 12:30 or 1:00. We take a 20 min break but otherwise we just keep going.

Jordan is making bread which is great as it really important to having yummy lunches. Basically we will have bread and cheese or something. Breakfasts are toast, pancakes or cereal although we are currently out of cereal. We are going on our 6 week of not being near a store and I think we did okay on provisioning. Most of the flour is bug free although we just tossed one 5 pound bag over. Some people sift the bugs out but I am not that broke yet. I am short on chocolate! Lunch is always problematic as it needs to be easy to prepare and yummy! We are running out of eggs too. We might try to get someone to send us some veggies and other stuff from Majuro via the plane. The freight charge is pretty cheap and we could get a big box of stuff for around $20. I think we will be scrapping bottom by the end of next week otherwise. We are have another 3 and a half weeks here. Jonah discovered Corn Beef Hash and declared it to be his favorite food. Of course I had to force him to taste it and then he ate half my lunch. Of course I only bought one can! We are out of fruit and so we are eating canned fruit. I heard they have grapefruit on this island and I am going to try to get some.

I would like to move anchorages but the wind just picked up and this is the best anchorage. Joe DeBrum is planning a trip in his motor launch to take us diving and fishing out near the main southern pass. It should be fun. Other than that I would like to go to some of the northern anchorages for a couple of days.

I started reading the Chronicles of Narnia to Jonah. He had been avoiding them for months now for some reason -maybe he didn't think they looked interesting. Of course now he is begging me to read more and has read ahead by himself a bit.

I think I am going to skip Art today because we had so much other work to do today. Shocking I know. I think these next two grades are going to be the hardest as he will still require a high degree of teacher guidance and interaction.

I took Jonah into shore to play and swing on the rope swing. Unfortunately this activity has caused several little scratches on his feet which have now become infected. So no rope swing today and I soak his feet in Betadine and hot water. It seems to help draw the infection out quickly. Just last month we had a friend in Majuro who got a scratch between his toes getting out of his dingy and over the weekend it went septic. Luckily his wife dragged him into the hospital and he avoided amputation. Tropical joys. Jonah is always checking his cuts and assessing them on his own. I told him that in the US he wont have to do that, I don't want the other kids at camp to think he is strange! Other than that we have been all healthy since we are away from the germ pit of Majuro. Long naps in the afternoon and a stiff drink for cocktail hour is always helpful. Someone gave me a bottle of Burbon which I adore and mix with everything. I had bought sour mix and was making myself whiskey sours (very yummy) but am out of sour mix so I make Burbon and Diet Coke which is lovely combination. OH I smell bread it must be ready…..