June 4

Today is our 9th anniversary! Wow 9 years of marriage. I can't believe it. It has been a lot of fun - generally - just kidding! Jonah thinks it's fun. He told me he wished he was at our wedding.

We are having a lovely time at Isle des Pines. It would be my favorite place but it's a wee bit chilly for my favorite beach activities and snorkeling. I think its around mid 70s and slightly to very overcast. But the beach is long and soft white sand with nobody on it. The water is blue and the anchorage calm with the anchor firmly in!!

The Catamaran "Rhapsodie" is here. We met in Mooloolaba, Australia. They are from the US and have two lovely kids - Rachel,13 and Dana, 11. We had a nice potluck last night on their huge catamaran. You could stage dinner theater in their main salon its so big. Caren and Sam have been sailing around the Pacific for 3 years and might be shipping the boat back to the Caribbean to be near their daughter who is going to boarding school. Some teenagers do not like the cruising life as they really start to want more peers around them but I have met other teenagers who are just thrilled not to be in a regular school. Boat kids are as individual as kids who live on land. I am can appreciate the difficulty of being a teenager and sometimes distance from the parent is a good thing.

I woke up with a migraine today - of all days! Very romantic morning with me lying in bed feeling horrible. I took my special migraine medicine which is fabulous but leaves me with bit of spaced out weird feeling. Yeah more than normal. It is evening now and I am better. Jonah is at Rhapsodie playing computer games with Dana and is eating dinner over there. They think he is amusing which is great.