June 4

I have been having too much fun to write journals! The motus were great - little lumps of sand with palm trees - like a joke about a desert island. There were a couple of boats we knew there and we had big BBQ's on the beach both nights. Jonah had a blast as William and Hannah were there. He loved the big fire on the beach at night plus the island was covered with Hermit crabs and he collected the smaller ones in a pail. Some people brought fireworks which was great fun. The larger ones were a bit scary actually particularly at night when a coconut-sized lump at one's foot suddenly sprouted red claws and scooted along. The company was great - people from Australia, England, New Zealand and the US. Jonah loved playing on the beach and we enjoyed the calm picture postcard anchorage. Jordan did some snorkeling out near some coral heads. Jonah and I did some snorkeling around the boat and saw lots of little fish. He is getting used to wearing a mask but doesn't feel comfortable with the snorkel yet and just holds his breath.

The downside was that William got sick the second day and got a very high fever. The worry is that it might be Dengue fever. Apparently they have had a lot of cases on the island particularly with children. The couple on Blue Yonder happen to be a Doctor and a nurse and they consulted with Claire and Jonathan. We are worried about Jonah but he seems fine. Attitude (the boat) and Queen Jane returned from the motus to the village. Pez Vela headed for the other pass but ended up anchoring halfway there as the light got iffy to navigate the coral heads. Attitude consulted with the local nurse and have decided to push on tonight for Fakarava. There is daily air service to Papeete in case William takes a turn for the worse which happens around the fifth day of Dengue fever. The scary thing about Dengue Fever is that it does not respond to antibiotics and is a hermergatic fever, which can mean internal bleeding.

We are going to leave for the other pass tomorrow. We think we will take the outside route as we can go faster and if we have squalls, we wont having to worry about hitting coral which you cant see in a squall. It is around 40 miles away - big atoll eh! We will be leaving around noon after we get bread. I think we will keep Jonah on board tomorrow.

Today is our wedding anniversary. Jordan is making shrimp and we are having a quiet night on board the Queen Jane. Seven years with that guy - oh my god - I can believe it.