May 31

The days have been slipping by so pleasantly. We have been diving lots, which takes up a lot of the day and then with the daily trip for bread, school and chores - the day seems to whiz. Its been delightfully social here - lovely people with whom to dive and chat. Jonah has loved Attitude with Hannah and William. It will be sad when they leave tomorrow - I haven't told Jonah yet and I know he will be very sad. Pez Vela with Chris and Marcus arrived here also so it has been lots of fun. Rainsong with Tamara and Jason arrived today - we know them from Seattle and we last saw them in Zihuatano, Mexico.

The diving here has been amazing. Lots of fish and great coral - I have been trying to focus on some of the smaller fish and it has been very interesting. I am feeling much more comfortable diving and feel like I have my "dive legs" back. I am breathing slower and enjoying myself. I didn't dive today as I had to do school with Jonah - it was a challenging dive apparently as they went at the height of the flood and they got swept very deep into the lagoon. Apparently it was amazing.

I traded for some black pearls and got 4 interesting pearls. I went with Claire from Attitude who is fluent in French and we had a blast trying to barter for pearls. I have no idea if the pearls I got are junk or what but it only cost me a lighter so who cares! They all want cassettes, cds or surfboards but seem to settle for considerably less. I would like to get 2 really nice ones for earrings and I might make an effort to find some other locals who might have some better quality ones. They usually send all the really good ones to Tahiti to auction. Claire went back the same day and got tons for a couple packs of cigarettes. I think they liked her a lot. They also gave her a huge sea turtle shell, which she unfortunately accepted much to her husband's horror. Its illegal to own anyway and I think it will be discretely lost!

Tonight we are having a quiet night at home. Its fun to socialize but sometimes it can get to be too much. I haven't had much time to draw and paint not to mention maintenance work on the boat. We have to get to Tahiti by a certain date to get an extension on our visa to be able to stay more than 3 months in French Polynesia. In addition, we want to see the "other side of Tahiti". Most people just whiz through Papeete, which is a large city, somewhat tawdry with a urban harbor. We will stay briefly in Papeete although there are some anchorage on the outside of the city which are apparently much nicer. We had hoped to stay there when Jordan's Mom visited, but the visit is cancelled due to difficulty in scheduling. Most tourists go to the islands of Moorea or Bora Bora, which have huge hotels and are geared to people on a 7 day vacation. The southern part of Tahiti is very rural with no hotels and apparently there are some lovely anchorages that we are excited to explore.