May 28, 2005

We are in the Green Islands 50 miles south of Feni islands and about 100 miles from New Ireland. Buka and Bouganville are only 50 miles from here. We set out this morning from Feni intending to make a run for the Louisades but the weather did not cooperate. A low which was supposed to pass over us sort of stalled. So we motor sailed close to the wind to here. We are very glad that fortune forced us to stop as it is lovely. Green Islands is actually two atolls, one called Nissan and the other is Pinipel. We are at Nissan Atoll. It is a very unusual atoll as the land is raised up and the motus have hills and on the ocean side there are cliffs. I can't think of any atolls that are like this – it might be one of only two or three in the world!

Last night, Jonah woke up at midnight and threw up all over his bed. Yuck. He was still sick when we left and didn’t get better until we arrived. I think it was just a stomach flu.

We are anchored out a bit and are thrilled to report “NO FLIES”. At Feni, we had so many flies – hundreds! Jonah killed five at one swat of the swatter!

When we came in the pass, we asked some guys in a banana boat (big fiberglass open motor boat) where the anchorage was and they assisted us very nicely. Some people stopped by to say hello including two ladies called Kate and Rita who sold us hot peppers and mandarin oranges. In addition for an extra dollar, an enormous conch shell that is roughly 2 feet long. We asked about other vegetables and they promised tomatoes and cucumbers tomorrow. Yippe – salad time.

It looks like we are going to be here for several days until the low passes so we will inflate the RIB and zip around and explore some. We are very near the pass so we will try to snorkel if the weather clears a bit. I think it will be overcast and rainy though. It is so nice to be in an atoll tucked behind an island with the water flat and feeling safe and cozy.

I am exhausted since I was up several times last night tending to a puking child. I am going to sleep like a rock.