May 28

Finally the transmission is fixed! Yahoo! We were going to try to leave but everything was finished so late. We need to check out with Customs tomorrow and stow everything away.

I am so psyched to leave - it has been a long two weeks. We saw the new Star Wars twice because we were so hot and the cinema was the coldest place!

We change our plans daily but, currently, we are headed for the Astrolabe Reef on the island of Kandavu. Then we are headed around to the Mammamuthas and the Yasawas - two groups of islands in Fiji. These are the famous areas of Fiji - the pictures they put in tourist brochures of little sandy islands surrounded by blue water. It should be lovely.

"Boreal" came back to Suva to finish some business and Jonah was thrilled to see the kids. They played all afternoon long. We went out to dinner and Jonah was so exhausted he could barely stay awake on the ride home. I hope we meet more boats with kids - I would like to travel with some boats with kids as it is very relaxing since half the time the kid is on the other boat or on the beach.

I can not think much about the future until I get some relaxing in blue water. We have considered returning to NZ instead of pushing on to Australia. I don't know. I would like to experience a different place (Australia) and I am eager to see Bali, Singapore and Indonesia.