May 28

Makemo is wonderful. The pass was a breeze and we anchored off the little town here. The water is blue. There are 4 other boats here. We dive every day. There is a bakery which makes awesome French bread. A nice breeze blows and it is comfortable without being sticky.

We have been diving in the pass and its awesome. We go out in the dingy right before slack tide and the flood - and then we drift dive back in with someone following in the dingy. The first dive was a bit scary as I have never done a drift dive and I have never dived with sharks. Ok they were just little white tips - pretty harmless - but it was new! Awesome fish, lots of great colors, I saw a spotted Ray yesterday and today we saw a 6 foot Lemon Shark. I love our new dive compressor! I sucked my tank down very fast yesterday but today I worked at breathing slower and came up with the same amount of air as Jordan. I guess I am getting into the swing of things. When we dive Jonah gets "a play date" with one of the lovely ladies from Sircise, a 52 foot sloop from CA - Kelly and Tamara take turns diving and babysitting although he seems to think it's a play date!

This morning we took Jonah snorkeling at some coral nearby - he complained the whole way there that he didn't want to wear a mask and he just wanted to swim. Of course the moment he caught a glimpse of the pretty little fish (after we cajoled him to hold the mask to his face) he couldn't get enough. He kept lifting his head and saying "Its amazing - I see lots of fish!".

Jordan and I are slowly attacking the fix it list. He fixed the fwd bilge. I cleaned the galley disaster and the v-berth area. The biggest shock is that our washer doesn't work suddenly! I do not scrub clothes in a bucket happily so I promptly cried like crazy and got very depressed about having dirty clothes. Jordan is going to look at it tomorrow and I am hopeful.

The atoll is very interesting - you can't see the other side so it seems as if you are anchored in the lee of a small island but in reality we are anchored inside a 40 mile long coral atoll. I love the weather - no humidity and no bugs! We are expecting Attitude tomorrow and Pez Vela the next day so it should be lots of fun to see our new friends and do some more diving.