May 27

We are in Baie de Prony in a little arm called Bonne Anse on the southern coast of Grande Terre. We didn't make it very far the first day from Noumea as we were right on the wind and it was gusting up to 20 knots with a lot of fetch. Bleech. We pulled into a bay called Baie Ngo - it was ok. Mining activity on the hills but we were tired of banging into it and it was the first bay - we are major whusses. We needed to change our oil (after the long motor from Oz!) and do tasks like that so we spent a cloudy day there. The weather looks like it is going bad and a front is coming so we decided to bag Ile Ouen and head to Prony as it is better protected in a strong trade wind situation.

We love this place. Very pretty. Not exactly tropical blue but I guess that is the weather. There is a nice hike and we will inflate the dingy and launch an exploratory party to the little bays nearby. IF it is sunny we might snorkle the Recif de Prony. We are going to hang here until the weather passes. Probably 2 or 3 days. Hopefully it will pass quicker than predicated. Then we will scoot down to Kuto on Ile des Pines. Or that is the plan today. The weather sucks but it is nice to be on the hook. We are getting lots of school done so we can take off a couple of weeks when the weather clears.

We are out of fresh bread and I am sad. I wish I had more fresh vegetables. There is a small store in Kuto but if push comes to shove, one of us will ride the fast ferry from Kuto into town!!! On the other hand it is probably better that we are not in Noumea in bad weather, I would just eat, eat and spend money. Jonah wanted to stay in Noumea because he loves the bread and the Patisserie.