May 25

Last night Jonah spent the night at the French boat, "Perlianne". I feel guilty because they have a small boat and they offered. Jonah had wanted them over our boat the night before but we still hadn't put the bathroom back together and stuff was everywhere. The bathroom had to be taken apart so we could remove the inverter from behind the bathroom cabinet but we couldn't take the cabinet out without removing the faucet which couldn't be removed with out unscrewing and unbolting lots of stuff under the sink. The company which makes our inverter is shipping us a new one and we will pick up in a few weeks at the Musket Yacht Club.

Yesterday we rented a car and had a lovely drive down the Coral Coast of Fiji (the South coast of the main island of Viti Levu). The country is pretty and very pastoral. We found a secluded beach and spent the morning there. An old man came by collecting drinking nuts and gave us a large one which must have contained 2 pints of liquid. It was yummy and refreshing. We went a bit further down the coast and had lunch at a hotel and hung out at their lovely pool for the afternoon. The pool had a tall water slide that was a blast and Jonah was in heaven. Jonah is a talking machine and occasionally on a long drive I have the desire to tape his mouth. Yow - that child can talk. He is a sweetie and is constantly making me smile. He reminds me by his presence to lighten up.

Boats have arrived en masse to Suva. There must be 10 boats out there now.