May 24

This has been a really tough passage. The wind prevented us from heading to Raroia and we are now headed for Makemo. The first two days were dead calm and then we got wind out of the south which was the direction we were headed. Its been tough keeping our course to our new heading. The Captain is very tired as he has not been working very hard physically and not getting enough sleep. Going close to the wind is always very uncomfortable. We have been heeled over for 48 hours. I got a bit green but I am wearing the patch for seasickness and its helped hold my lunch. Jonah had cookies for breakfast which tells you how good I feel.

The forward bilge pump failed again. We bailed it once which entailed removing cushions and all the blankets. Its not connected to the main bilge - someone thought it would be a great idea UNLESS the freaking bilge pump fails. We will put in some drain holes so that if the bilge pump fails again - the water can drain into the main bilge. In addition water splashed in from the chain locker and got the mattress and blankets in the v-berth soaked . I believe this happened as we burying the bow going to weather. I am going to investigate making them more water tight.

Then due to the severe heel water bubbled up through the sink drain - filling the sink and spilling into our cabinets. We shut the drain but it still bubbles up - strange and on our must fix list. The Cuisenaire probably is ruined as it got soaked with salt water.

The only light moment occurred as we were working in the cockpit at 4 am in the pitch black - did I mention there is no moon? Jordan reached down to pick up what he thought was garbage but turned out to be a wiggling flying fish. My brave husband screamed in fright and fell back. He recovered nicely and threw the fish over. It was a good laugh in a not so fun couple of days. We really expected this passage to be a breeze and it has turned out to be wretched. No wind, too much wind from the wrong direction, equipment failure, water inside the boat, hot and uncomfortable.

We will be in Makemo in a couple of hours. We have to wait for slack water as the currents in the atoll passes can exceed 9 knots! This makes atolls tricky as there is essentially one time a day you can safely enter. One might be able to enter on an incoming current but it makes the boat difficult to control as you attempt to avoid coral heads.