May 23

We are finally here in Noumea. OH MY GOD was I tired by the time we arrived. As we passed the entrance to Noumea I whacked my head on the mizzen boom and lay moaning in pain on the cockpit floor while Jordan had to clamber and get the mooring lines and fenders ready for docking. I ended up with a bump the size of a small lemon on my head and combined with sleep deprivation made me feel very weird. We went out for an amazing French dinner at a little bistro. Today I am feeling better but I think it will be another night of solid sleep before both of us are 100%. .

Today I had to wash the boat due to a wind swept bird who decided to take refuge on our boat for a couple of days. He left huge piles of smelly poop everywhere that seem to have a purple stain in it. YUCK.

We went grocery shopping and bought yummy French Saucisson, Bread and some cheese. After Australia, it is wonderful to be around great food. The place is very French and modern. It is very different from French Polynesia which was more funky and more influenced by native Polynesian culture.

Jonah has already hooked up with some French kids from a boat we met in Fiji. He was a bit frustrated with the language barrier. He seems to be a bit cranky but I think it is simply an adjustment to a new country and a new routine.

Tomorrow we are going to the morning vegetable market and then we hope to rent a car for a day to do a bit of sightseeing.