May 23

I am writing in the mornings now. It is quiet and peaceful. The mosquitoes are less than at night when they come out with a ferocity that is rather intense. We have "how many mosquitoes can you kill" games. I am not going to complain about anything - I think I am turning into a real pain - oh poor me my yacht has broken stuff and all the luxuries (that most yachties don't have) are broken. Oy.

I do mind the tedium of waiting for parts and repairs. It makes me grumpy but I have never been a patient person. Jordan is managing the repairs as best he can.

Yesterday Jonah and went on a field trip for school to the Fiji Museum. I thought that it would be a good experience for him but I did not hope for a easy time. I laid down the rules - no running, no touching etc. He did great and he was fascinated with all the stuff they had. Lots of war clubs and cannibal forks which naturally are very interesting to kids. It was not a large museum but we managed to spend over an hour examining all the items. We bought some postcards and walked back to town where we met Jordan for Indian food.

In the afternoon, we met (another) French boat with kids - two boys! Jonah had a blast playing with them at the Yacht club - they ran around for 2 hours until they were sweaty and exhausted.

Jonah is in a mood today. Everything produces a crying fit - its like the evil twin has come to visit. Deep breaths for me.