May 22

Yesterday we moved north to Tabal in the rain. We did about four dives over the reef and started to get bored with the area which shows how spoiled we are in terms of diving. The last dive we went with Richard but he had an equipment problem and scraped the dive.

We finally got lobster the morning before we left. We got 9 all together. Jordan boiled up a bunch while we were motoring and made a curry lobster salad. It was awesome. I was so full! I couldn't eat dinner. We put the others in a net and hung them over the back of the boat. I guess we are having lobster again tonight!

"Windswept", "Cardinal Sin" and "Libby Lane" came up to this anchorage yesterday also. This morning all the ladies from the Yachts went to look for handicrafts. Unfortunately the supply boat just came and everybody sent their work to Majuro. I ordered several baskets and the ladies said they would have them done by Monday or Tuesday.

The wind is still westerly which is a bit weird but luckily its light. The coral is lovely right around the boat and I feel terrible about dropping the anchor on such lovely coral.