May 21

I forgot the intense exhaustion that I must endure on passages. Only 3 hours of sleep at a time and being forced to stay awake half the night just kills me. All I do is think about sleep - every moment awake is one that I could have been sleeping. NOT TO MENTION, we are motoring the entire time - day in and day out. The noise is loud and numbing. Jordan is having a rougher time as he seems to have trouble getting to sleep.

Jonah is doing great and playing hours of computer games. He watched a couple of "Gammy tapes". These are videos of programs taped off PBS and Nickelodeon that he just loves. I think he takes the whole passage as a big holiday where he doesn't have to do school and he gets to watch tons of TV and play computer games. He has been putting himself to bed which is awesome.

We hope to be in Noumea in the morning. I am looking forward to seeing it but we want to go to Ille des Pines pretty quickly. There is a place called Baie de Gadji which looks perfect for a little post passage unwinding, swimming and general relaxing. I am looking forward to a warm baguette and some good cheese - of which there is little in Australia. They don't even have great cheddar!

It is finally getting hot and I have abandoned heavy fleece for night watch. I love lying in the cockpit before the moon rises and staring at the stars. There is nothing like the middle of the ocean to give you a sense of the enormity and the movement.

I just gave Jonah crackers and cheese for lunch. Too tired to cook.