May 21

We are on passage to the Tuamotus. The wind is light and not particularly steady. The seas are very calm and the crew is doing well except for the occasional curse about those supposedly steady trade winds.

We need to get to Raroia at a particular time so we can go thru the pass in good light and at slack tide. This will be the first coral atoll that we navigate. I am a little nervous but I think it should be ok so long as we take our time. We do not have a proper chart of this island but in "Charlie's Charts" (a cruising guide for the area) he gives a detailed sketch of the pass, so it should be good.

The captain is a bit cranky today and the cabin boy is doing fine. I got a great sleep as it got rather cool and I used a sheet over my body for the first time in weeks. My watch was miserable as the wind was so shifty I couldn't get the windvane set. I hand steered for a couple of hours until the wind settled down.

We talked to Jon and Barbara Bigel on the Ham radio last night. We are hoping to see them in the Society Islands in July. Jonah actually talked a bit which is rare for him but he really gets excited now when we call people. My mom is not coming due to health issues and Danny, Jordan's brother, is trying to find some time in between shooting movies. I am actually surprised that so few people are coming to the Society Islands (Tahiti, Bora-Bora, Moorea etc). It's a pretty far way but we will only get farther for a long time.