May 18

Today we went diving out at the entrance of the bay. It was a very long dingy ride. The first part of the dive was great - we saw spotted rays and a whole bunch of different fish - Angelfish, Gobies, huge schools of damselfish. Jordan and I did not realize the strength of the current so that when we turned around it was incredible. At first I was swimming in place- I angled in and got some motion but it was exhausting and I began sucking my air down really fast. Add to that I was a bit deep - around 90 feet and I needed to go up a bit. So the coming back I didn't get to see much except for some weird salp (a gelatinous string of organisms) that I almost bumped into. I knew I was not going to have enough air for a 5 min safety stop so I got myself to 20 feet pretty fast and swam back to the boat at that depth. I should have been more aware of the current, my depth and my air consumption. Rookie mistakes and I haven't done a lot of diving since I was a rookie!!! I hate strong current unless it is a drift dive and someone picks you up at the other end. Chris had done a dive the day before but there had been no current that day.

While we were diving, we left Jonah with Claire from Attitude. This is a different Claire - call her the British Claire as opposed to the French Claire. The British Claire is a riot - talks as much as I do and is very funny. Their boat is a steel racer/cruiser and it is lovely. The inside is really pretty - mostly oak and beautifully laid out with lovely cabinet work. They do not have as many hatches as we do and I must say that our boat is the coolest inside (in terms of temperature) that I have seen. What I do like is that they have two cockpits - a rear one where the helm station is and a midships cockpit for lounging. It makes a lot of nice places to hang out. She took Jonah to do her wash on the beach where there is a spigot and a shed where cruisers hang their laundry - I am so lucky to have a washer!!! Apparently Jonah thought it was a great deal of fun and helped her a lot. Go figure what kids find amusing.

We came back and put the kid for a nap. I made banana bread as our huge stalk of bananas all got ripe at the same time. It was hot but the smell was delicious. Jordan and Marcus worked on filling tanks and fixing a tank that had a leak. William and Hannah (the kids from Attitude) came over to play with Jonah. They are very sweet and well behaved children - they make Jonah look a bit wild but they are a good influence on him and they play quietly together.