May 17

The weather has finally cleared and we are enjoying ourselves very much. Yesterday we did a nice dive off the reef. We cross the reef at high tide and do a dive on the ocean side. It is a small wall with lots of nice fish and coral. Peculiar though it was it seemed that we did a dive when all the fish were defecating. I have seen fish defecate on many occasions but never so many and at the same dive. I don't keep a dive log anymore but if I did, the title of the dive would be self evident. Jordan has some wrong with his BC and he dove without a functioning Buoyancy Control Vest. I think it will be ok. I would like him to get a new one when we are in the US as his current unit is over 17 years old. We might have one sent via plane to Likiep from a dive operation in Majuro.

Since it was Sunday yesterday, we took Jonah to a beach on a island a mile away and played Frisbee. Unfortunately I wandered away and started collecting shells for which I have a compulsive habit that I liken to a Magpie's obsession with shiny objects. We found a nice sandy patch and swam around to cool off. Then we stopped at a small reef near our boat and did a fabulous snorkel. There were simply millions of fish and nice coral and even a shark or two. Jonah loves seeing sharks although it makes me nervous mostly because Jonah takes off following them because he finds them fascinating and then I have to chase him down. Most sharks are fine but I would not suggest following and making them feel cornered. Certainly not when you look like shark bait anyway as Jonah is roughly the size of a tasty tuna.

"Windswept" ( a large trimaran) arrived yesterday. We will have them over for cocktails tonight plus substantial nibbles. Basically a light dinner with drinks but a lot less work. Chris (the wife) and Richard are an older couple but in incredible shape and very youngish acting. It is funny the way different people age but people seem to diverge around 50 into either being and acting old or staying roughly the same albeit with some more wrinkles.

Jordan and I are pondering moving north on Thursday to spend some time in the village north of here and then up to the north most island in the atoll where there is good diving. Hopefully the wind will remain light as it is a good weather anchorage only.

This morning Jordan inflated a large float that is intended to be dragged behind a dingy with a small screaming child bouncing around and holding on for dear life. This was exactly how Jonah spent his break between reading/writing and Math/science. Perhaps later we will go to the village and drag screaming local children around.