May 17

This morning we left Taiohae for Anaho. It was a last minute change of plans as we thought we were going to a little bay on the South East corner of the Island but we talked to Chris from Pez Vela and they are loving Anaho. I need clear blue water for swimming so we decided to go. We will leave for the Tuamotus from there.

Anaho is a gorgeous bay. The anchorage is tucked way inside and is very peaceful. Attitude (boat name of Claire, Hannah and William's boat) and Pez are here. We anchored just in front of them. The beach looks lovely and there is coral reef fringing the anchorage.

We had Chris and Marcus over for dinner - a wonderful Chinese red cooked fish. Jonah was a beast and threw a screaming fit about not being able to watch a video. He was really upset because William and Hannah came over to play and he fell asleep while they were all watching a video. When he awoke they were gone and the video was over. There is nothing like have guests over while you put your screaming kid in his cabin and hold the door shut. Lovely night eh? He got a grip after a bit and ended the evening in a good mood. I had a very stiff drink.