May 11

Here we are in Aur, our third Marshallese Atoll (not counting Majuro). The passage was uneventful except for the fact that we woke up at 4am to leave so that we would ensure good light for the pass. I was exhausted and Jonah got seasick despite the fact it was not that bouncy. We made good time although we turned on the engine at the end. The pass was a wee bit tricky with some very shallow spots and lots of coral heads but no big deal.

I am so glad to be out of Majuro!! We wanted to leave two weeks ago but it has either been pouring and blowing or just plain blowing hard. The seas can get big around here - I mean like 10 feet and it's not particularly fun to sail in that type of sea.

On May 1st the Marshall Islands celebrated 25 years of independence and there wereparades and fireworks. Lots of fun. The fireworks were set off right in front of our boat and luckily the wind blew them away from us.

We dropped anchor in front of the village of Aur to check in but were too tired to do much but make dinner and go sleep. The next morning we woke to rain and 25 knots from the north which sucked for the anchorage since it was exposed to the north. I drank my coffee and then we lifted anchor in the pouring rain to move north to a more protected spot. Jonah has become very helpful in our anchor lifting particularly in high winds. Jordan puts him at the wheel and Jonah motors forward on Jordan's command while Jordan brings in the chain. I am flaking the chain in the foreword vberth by lying on my tummy and sticking my arm in the chain locker as it will jam up otherwise. Before in these situations Jordan used to run from the bow to the stern several times and often by the time he got back up to the bow the wind would have already pushed us back. This made anchor raising in high winds rather tricky but no longer now that we have trained Jonah to do this important job.

So now we are sitting in the rain (oh god again) waiting for better weather. Tomorrow we will splash the dingy and then go back to the village to check in. I think we might just leave the Queen Jane here and go over in the dinghy, but who knows. I heard there is good snorkeling down near the reefs and we might (in calm weather) be able to take the dingy out over the reef to go diving. Not very likely with the current weather.