May 8

We finally arrived at Minerva Reef in the middle of lots of squalls. Apparently there is a front moving through. Its not a great place to hang out in bad weather. We decided to pass and make right for Fiji. We are really disappointed as we had a vision in our heads about swimming in clear blue water, snorkeling and catching lobsters. This trip has left us really exhausted and grumpy. 3 more days until Fiji.

Jordan dropped the bowl with meatball mix in it. The bowl was his favorite and unfortunately it was glass. I picked up incurring glass splinters in my hands and in my bare feet - I know I should have put on shoes. So we had plain spaghetti and no one was very happy with dinner. I scarfed a quick peanut butter and jelly because I know it going to be a long night.

We are currently motoring (could things get worse?) and the wind is pathetic - too weak and from the wrong direction. We know they have good fuel in Savu Savu so we are motor sailing. We are socked in the squalls, one after the other, luckily they aren't very windy just wet.

I am reading. Finished two books already - a PD James detective novel and a recent novel that takes place in the 1800's. I think the author had severe Jane Austin envy but it was an amusing read. I am not doing school with Jonah as I am too tired. Thankfully since we are running the engine we have lots of power so Jonah is playing lots of computer games.