May 7

We are enjoying our stay in Hooumi. Our French friends developed engine problems and went to Taiohae instead of meeting us here. It has been a restful and peaceful couple of days. I managed to get a lot of laundry done which is a good thing always. I can't imagine scrubbing the stuff in a bucket or spending time/money trying to get it done. I think that is why people end up hanging out near the big towns as most people do not have the luxury of a washer onboard.

We have been alone here the whole time. Tomorrow we go to Taiohae as we are out of fresh green vegetables and fruit. I desperately need to do some provisioning. We are attempting to get a part for our generator (fondly known as that damn generator). If it were mailed today it would arrive in 7 to 10 days. Our friend Paul is working on it.

Besides Taiohae there are some other lovely bays to explore. I am not crazy about the water around here it is fairly opaque and I like to swim in clear water. In addition, the no-seeums and mosquitoes make the beach unpleasant. Jonah got a bunch of bites yesterday on our hike to Taipavaii. It was only a mile. The town was cute. A little farm village. It was Sunday and everyone seemed not to be home. I was looking to get some fruit. Jonah had a meltdown in town as I think he was hungry and tired. We have promised ourselves that from now on we will hire a car if possible when visiting shore as Jonah is not up to hiking more than a mile in the heat.

I will probably do a dive to see the Hammerheads but the visibility in general is not great. Chris and Marcus are over in Taiohae and it will be good to see them again. Frankly I am eager to leave for the Tuamotus.

I am very relaxed though. Today we did little. I taught school but that was it. We lounged around reading and snoozing. We do wake up at 6 so an afternoon nap is not outrageous.
I wrote a lot of mail and then did some drawing. Drawing is hard for me lately. I feel I need to redefine what kind of drawings I make. Inevitably the drawings derive from my own reveries and obsessions. They are still very tight but I suppose that is the touch of the artist. I rework and add so that the surface is heavily worked. I think they are odd drawings in general. I do some landscape to exercise my eye. I am not a landscape person at heart - to me a great landscape is something to put in the background of figures. I am still enamored with the spatial arrangement of an Italian Gothic painter like Giotto. The figures are on the bottom of the painting and the landscape sits in back in a rather shallow visual depth to the arrangement. I am happiest drawing small stories or meditations. I will try putting some work up on the web site next month.