May 6

Today I really feel we are in the rhythm of the passage. I have my sea legs albeit drug enhanced (scop dermal patch). Jonah has his sea legs and won't stop eating. The Captain is in a good mood. I am just plain tired and the scop patch makes me more tired.

Jordan is making our first hot dinner. Up to now we have been eating whatever we can grab fast. Jordan had made a large meat loaf before we left and we ate that. I eat hard boiled eggs - only at sea - I find it helps settle my stomach. Jonah didn't eat for the first two days which is part of the reason the child is like an empty hole for food. Usually I don't like to let him snack all day but on making passage the rules change. We all sleep funny hours and eat different things. Jonah stays up very late till 10 or 11 and will sleep to 7 or 8 am and might nap once during the day. No school - too seasick inducing for both student and teacher. I am reading "The Hobbit" to him - it's a slow slog as he only is patient enough for a half a chapter at a time.

I just noticed a huge squall right in front of us and we changed course to let it pass off our starboard. Squalls can create really weird winds. This squall caused the wind to come from the north instead of the South.

The boat is looking messy and the floors are a bit crunchy with salt. If its calm I can do cleaning work otherwise its makes me green. I will wait to get to Minerva Reef.

Darn another huge squall came up and we took down the main and we are under motor. It looks like it will pass. I had Jonah look at the radar and go outside to look at all the small squalls around us. He thought it was very interesting. The radar just fascinates him.