May 5

We are currently in the middle of a long passage to Fiji. 6 Days to Minerva Reef where we rest and then continue for another 4 days to Fiji. Good passage for me - no throwing up.

Jonah got terribly sick the first 2 days and I had to give him some anti-emetic medicine via suppositories. He was not happy with that but he did get his sea legs and bounced all around the boat happily today, eating up a storm to make up for those two lost days. The saloon basically become Jonah's playroom/bedroom. Its easier to keep an eye on him and clean up when needed. I did take him into our bed to make it easier to watch him while I was exhausted but he promptly threw up on everything. Changing sheets while the boat is crashing along is not fun.

The first three days were really frisky blowing around 40+ knots. We were fully reefed with a tiny headsail and we still were screaming along at 9+ knots. Big rollers, 8 to 10 feet. We did not reef early enough so it was a bit of work. My legs are full of bruises again I am not used to the motion yet and its been 6 months. My left knee is badly bruised and I don't remember what I did. Probably going on deck in the first two days - I tend to work fast and probably hit my knee then. I need to work slower and more deliberately when I am on the foredeck.

The other weird thing I forgot about sailing was the sound of voices. It happens mostly on long passages when one is a bit tired all the time. I swear every time a deck drain gurgles it sounds like men muttering or someone calling my name. Sometimes the voices are in the wind or the sound of the water rushing by our hull. Maybe its just the sparsely populated aural landscape and your mind fills in the rest.

Jordan and I have forgotten a bunch of how we used to work together but its coming back fast. We have changed our night watch from 4 to 3 hours and it seems to work. No one ends up overly exhausted. We use the radar more and tag team keeping watch during the day.

I enjoyed New Zealand and all our friends there. We have many wonderful memories of our stay and grateful our boat was fixed up to par for a reasonable cost. I know Jonah will miss all his friends - in particular Emma and Victor from Scafhogg. They are going back to Denmark for 4 months (via airplane) and then back to NZ and they are sailing to Chile in December and around the Horn and back to Europe.

A bunch of people came to see us off which was really great. Some of the people will be leaving for Fiji and we will see them down the road.