May 4

We left Ua Pou for Nuka Hiva, the biggest island in the Marquesas and we are currently anchored in Comptroller Bay. It is the bay where the book Typee by Herman Melville took place. I have to clean the boat tomorrow as I have been playing a lot and the boat needs a scrubbing inside and out.

This morning we were at Ua Pou and we went to town with the French folks and their kid. We had a lot of fun although the dingy landing at the dock was rough as the swell was severe. Claire ended up in the water and had a hard time getting up being pregnant. Raoul ended up anchoring the boats off the dock and swimming in. Victor fell when playing with Jonah and got a scraped on his face. We wandered up to the village and went to the three miserable little stores looking for provisions. They were basically huts with concrete floors and a couple of shelves. It was hotter then hell as usual which makes a small walk around a village seem like a huge hike. We bought some very expensive cokes and some cheese doodles which seem to be a universal food. Claire was intent on finding fruit that she could pick so we talked to a bunch of natives. We got a bunch of green lemons from a crazy old coot who was delighted that we were American. The lemons smell great and are simply another variety of lemon. Claire found a local with a large mango tree in front who said she could pick a bunch of them.

Marcus's foot was much better today. I am very glad he got the antibiotics via IV as the oral method was not working. The Nurse gave him another this shot this morning. I think he was very brave because getting antibiotics intravenously is rather painful. She simply found a vein and injected very slowly as opposed to using an IV setup. Marcus and Chris left early for Nuka Hiva as she wanted to have Marcus checked out at the hospital there. We left after we got back from town. It was just too rolly an anchorage to stay a third night.

The trip to Nuka Hiva was fast but we were on a close reach and it was a bit sloppy out there. The decks were awash most of the time. I was really hot by the time we left and I got a bit pooped out which then made me feel queasy. Jonah and I snoozed in the cockpit the entire trip as we both felt green. Jonah was in his birthday suit all day which suddenly is ok with him since his friend Victor was thus attired hanging out on the boat. I think he has finally come to the realization that less clothes are better in the steamy heat.

Our anchorage is beautiful and calm. We have steep hills all around us and a full moon.