April 26

Jordan wrote extensively of our new plans in his journal dated 4/26/04 so I will briefly summarize. NO FIJI, we are staying here because why not and we are planning to go back to the US for a visit in the summer. We were going to be checking out of the country today and instead we are applying for more permits to visit the outer islands. It may seem crazy to folks back home but when your house is moveable and you don't have a job, one can make sudden changes in plans without much of a big deal. I think the moment of epiphany came when I asked Jordan "what do we like to do?" and the answer was dive, swim and be near beautiful beaches. Gee so why are we sailing 2 thousand miles when all of that is here in the Marshall Islands but minus the crowds and the tourist resorts?

We are both excited about our change of plans. The next two months will be spent at Alinglaplap and Likiep Atolls and then we will return to Majuro and leave our boat on a mooring with someone watching it. Also we are excited to visit the US and see our family.

Meanwhile, Jordan is off running around town checking on airplane ticket, arranging permits for the outer atolls and checking on mail. I spent the morning teaching school and am doing laundry. We are having Ron and Liz from the yacht "Kaimana". Ron and Liz are based here in Majuro. Liz is the manager of the EZ Price Store and Ron takes day trippers out on Kaimana. Ron was the star of the local theater troupe's production of "Dracula" which we went and saw on Wednesday. It was fun and Jonah was completely enthralled and so terrified that he ran out at one point. During one of the intermissions, he went to talk to Ron backstage and returned feeling greatly comforted. I had helped paint one of the backdrops for the group which was fun as I had help from Joanne and Rexene from the Yacht "Karmaladen". "Karmalden" left for Samoa today and we were all sad to see them go. Hopefully they will return next November. Rexene is a wonderful, high energy person who enlivens every social gathering of the rubellies (local slang for US/European people similar to the Hawaiin word "hoalie").