April 26

Been working like dogs - actually moving at a fairly relaxed pace since we are waiting for the genoa furler drum to be delivered. SNAFU on the riggers part, he forgot to order it. It's fine though because some monster lows are passing through and we want to leave in nice weather. Sailing in the rain SUCKS particularly when you are in a heavy traffic area. It looks like the next high is coming through on Tuesday so we will probably leave then.

I am actually excited to get out there and sail. I feel like I know so much more than last year that if I can keep my lunch down it might even be fun. I am going to make Jonah sit watch with Jordan or I for an hour in the morning and an hour in the afternoon. It will help give him a sense of responsibility and provide structure to the day.

Our list is done pretty much. We have to lash some stuff down and that's it. EXCEPT for our NEW water pressure switch which broke this morning. BOATS. Something is either broken or about to break. I can see why some people just quit cruising in boats because it is just constant. The only relief is that we are going to beautiful islands and relax in turquoise waters. I am so psyched about Vanuatu - I have been reading the guide books and I think it will be the most amazing islands we will have visited. People still wear grass skirts and live very traditional lives. They are very friendly and courteous. You have to make sure to stop in to the nearby village to ask permission to be there and probably give some money (a couple of dollars) or gifts.

Its raining very hard right now. Reminds me of when we arrived here. It has been awesome weather for months now so I don't mind so much.

I have been buying lots of new music lately as I felt our music collection was getting a bit stale. We have listened to Groove Armada all the time lately - amazing CD, amazing music simply brilliant. Buy it now. Really you won't regret it. The other big hit is The Chemical Brothers. Do I really need to mention Shaggy? Cool reggae rapping. Right now I am listening to a T.Rex CD because it's fun.

School is in a regular groove now. Jonah is doing great at reading. I am so proud. That is about all I wanted to accomplish this year and he is already half way there. We need to work on expanding our vocabulary and improving our writing. We are going to write a journal once we get to Fiji. I probably will do no school on the passage - too tired usually.