April 25

Jonah got his first two cavities. He kept complaining that his teeth were hurting and I thought perhaps he had a new tooth coming in but two nights ago he woke up crying several times complaining of tooth pain. I called the dentist the moment they opened and rushed him in. It was a rather large cavity. Jonah was given laughing gas to calm him and a local. The nerve was not damaged thankfully. It cost me A$130 (about $90) and we have to go back for the second cavity on Tuesday. Needless to say we have a renewed tooth washing policy where I do the brushing since he does a skimpy job. I bought an electric toothbrush and we are drastically reducing candy and sweets. I am just thankful that we were still here when this problem was discovered and not out at sea. 

Our chain is back from being re-galvanized and looks great. We are now officially ready to go as everything is done that needs to be done. Now we wait for weather. Of course it looks bad for the next week. 

Jonah has been driving me crazy, as his girlfriend is more interested to play with girls than with him. Yesterday I had enough and I grabbed my keys and announced we were going to look for kids on other docks. We found a bunch of little boys! Yahoo! He is currently at a large motorboat with some visiting grandkids playing Playstation games. This afternoon he is scheduled to play with two other little boys - when it rains it pours! I cancelled school today in honor of Anzac Day. 

Anzac Day is the Australian/New Zealand Memorial Day. In both World Wars, these countries lost proportionally more men than any other country except Russia. Both countries were relatively small and they sent something like 80 percent of their eligible men. Their units were sent to the bloodiest of the battles, the most memorable was Gallipoli in Turkey during WW I. Special Anzac cookies are eaten, a recipe that produced cookies that survived being shipped to far distant places. Yes, these cookies are hard and tough. 

Last night was BBQ night. It rained of course but thankfully the BBQ is in a Gazebo and we ate in the clubhouse. Today everything is closed so we are having a quiet day. The Boat Teachers Union decreed school closed and I complied as we are a pro-union boat.