April 17

A long absence. I guess I quit writing when I start to bore myself. We spent the month of March in the US visiting Jordan's family for his 40th. I did manage some rendevouzes with my family. Unfourtunately my sister and brother both had deaths in their spouse's faimily so I couldn't see them. 

I wouldn't consider the last couple of months riveting but it was pleasant. I have enjoyed Australia and getting to know another country. The climate here is near perfect. I like the dryness after the hummidity of the tropics. Australians as a people are a bit more difficult to categorize and I would fall victim to inumerable cliches if I attempted to do that. After our visit to the US, Australian seems more foreign than we imagined apon our intial arrival in November. I do enjoy the slightly less frantic pace that people seem to have here. It must be an outcome of the low population or something. 

I am glad to be back on our boat and I feel ready to cruise again. Jonah is lots of fun to do things with lately. We have become "gamers" in the old fashioned sense. We have many family tournaments of UNO or Monopoly or some other game. There is much laughter and brovado about our superiour skills over the other two. Its very silly. Jonah giggles and shouts "I am going to beat your butts!" which makes us all laugh some more.

In terms of boat tasks, we are almost ready except we took the chain out to examine and decided it was too rusty and we need it re-zinced. It is a high tensile steel 3/8th chain. Chain gets rusty and salt encrusted over use and if it isnt protected with new zinc the steel links can be compormised. I told Jordan this months ago but he really didn't think it was bad until he looked at the chain. Oh well. We hope to have a rush job done on it and we can leave next weekend. 

I have scurbbed the exterior of the boat and pretty much finished spring cleaning the interior. I have only the stove to do which is hard work! Other than that I am dreaming of being out there - I am actually looking forward to the passage despite the hard work.

I am loaded with lots of fantastic new books and I have lots of drawing paper! I love to spend more time drawing out there. I have framed two small drawings for the salon and its nice to have them there.