April 15, 2005

We are here in Kapinga still waiting on weather. Everyone recovered nicely from the touch of dysentery (or whatever it was) although we all went on antibiotics. Jonah was pretty sick for two days and then recovered completely.

We have been having a nice relaxed time here. The weather has been complete crap though and right now is blowing westerly, but only 6 or 7k. We need to go Southwest on our next passage which should be fabulous if the wind was blowing from the east which it does normally. We have been hanging out with the folks from "Magic" a lot. Traci and Ken are very nice and it is nice to have people with whom to socialize. Jonah adores the boy in that younger boy worshiping the older boy way. Beau is a nice kid and plays with Jonah almost every day. Our schedule is school till lunch, at around 2, we take Jonah in and drop him off ashore to play with Beau and the other local kids. Sometimes we stay and hangout and chat or we go back to the boat and read or do chores.

We inflated our inflatable pull toy - one of these things you pull behind a motor boat. We took it in and pulled kids around a bunch of times. Then we wanted to chat so we tied it to an tree branch overhanging the water and the kids played king of the raft for hours. We are almost out of gasoline so we just tow it in and tie it to the tree every day and the kids have a blast.

We are running out of a lot of things. Our only vegetables left are onions! We also have canned stuff which is okay and we have tofu in long life vacuum pack boxes which are vegetables. I made salad out the local greens that Traci showed me and its okay, a bit like really tough spinach. You have to chop it finely and let it marinate a bit before eating it. We were planning on leaving this week but it looks like we will have to wait another 5 days or so. The weather is a bit stressful as there are predictions of strong westerlies which are making us nervous as the atoll has very little protection from the west, just a reef which submerges at high tide and that is 5 or 6 miles away.

We have done a bit of snorkeling but the pass is too far for diving and the weather too yucky. Now that we are almost out of gas for the dinghy, it's out of the question. I am looking forward to Papua New Guinea.