April 15

Despite being in Majuro, it has been pleasant. Last weekend there was a big BBQ for Easter out at Anemwanot, the adorable anchorage 5 miles from town. We had a good time despite the rain. "Wind Runner" donated a frozen tuna they won as part of the in the Coconut Race and we BBQ'ed it up. It was pouring naturally - but it stopped just in time for the BBQ. Jonah had a blast playing with the other kids from "Roxanne" and "Libby Lane".

On Monday, the sun came up and the clouds left. We stayed and enjoyed a lovely day. "Libby Lane" and "Roxanne" stayed so Jonah had a fun day. I spent some time hanging out with Monique on "Libby Lane" who is very sweet and seems to always have a frozen drink for me! In addition, I stopped at "Roxanne" for a chat with Lynn and got her lemon squares recipe which she brought to the BBQ. "Roxanne" (i.e. Lynn and Tom Petty, not the singer) have decided to stay the year in the Marshalls. There are so many atolls to see and it is really very nice here. In addition the winds calm down in the summer so it is easier to go different places and find good anchorages. I am sure I will regret leaving as so many people have said the summer is awesome. BUT as I have discovered over the last four years and many last minute changes in our routes, we tend to always have a good time if the weather holds! We are still considering come back here next winter…other boats are staying: "Wind Runner" (Christy and Martin), "Navigator" (Joe and Kay), Piet-hyne (William) and who knows who will change their minds and stay. The tempting thing is that you can see a bunch of places and not travel thousands of miles. "Karmaladen" (the charming Rixene and crew) are going to Samoa and Fiji and coming back next season.

I am looking forward to Fiji. We are going to dive Tavenui this year and hope to really enjoy ourselves on our little honeymoon while Jonah is visiting the US.

Jonah is spending the weekend with his best friend, Alan. It's so great that he has found a pal with whom he can really connect. I think it has really been positive for him and I have noticed positive behavior improvements. Jonah is getting tall! A half inch since December - yikes this kid is already looking like he will grow out of the size 8 clothes by the end of the year. The hardest thing is for me to remember he is still a silly little boy even though he looks like a ten year old. He is very excited about the trip and visiting family. His grandmother will be sending him to camp for 3 weeks and he looking forward to that.

Today I have girl lunch with Dr. Robin. It should be fun. Jordan is defrosting the freezer today - lots of fun. I have to finish with school now.

I am reading an amazing book by Paul Auster called "The Book of Illusions". Never read anything by him before so now I get to explore all his books. Its great when one discovers an author one enjoys. Recently I finished VS Nauipal's "Bend in the River" - I thought I would enjoy it as a favorite author of mine, Paul Theroux, absolutely worships him. But now that I think on the book, I appreciate it more. Some books simply grow in ones mind after the reading and other simply disappear when you close the cover. Interesting in the perceptions of the third world and since that is where I am living, I can connect and recognize so many similarities even though his book is in Africa and I am in the South Pacific. I wish more people in the US would visit third world countries to better understand what most of the world's population faces. The US seems to me arrogant and uncaring from the outside. Particularly now with the leadership that is focused on "bad things" like war and power and not "good things" (education, health, economy and environment).