April 9

The marina is buzzing. Everyone is heads down and trying to get the boat ready for the cruising season. Two boats who were next to us left to cruise up the coast. Its still is cold although it warms up nicely in the day - reminds me of Indian Summer in the states. We are getting lots done and trying to enjoy ourselves. We went out to dinner and movie last night ( The Time Machine).

I have decided to boycott the Marina laundry which has two washers and two dryers. The washers are only cold water and the dryers take years to dry and the lines are so long. Today I packed up the car and went into town to a large Laundromat where I got four huge machines and four huge dryers. I was done in two hours. This would have taken 8 hours at the marina. I finished varnishing the cockpit. I am trying to be good and wear only painting clothes when painting but I always seem to slip up somehow.

Jonah has been loving life at the marina. He runs around with a variety of kids but of course someone is always mad at someone! Today Jonah was mad with Victor who has been the object of intense obsession by Jonah - your basic hero worship stuff...Victor can do this best and Victor knows everything...etc etc. I don't know what happened but I am sure it will blow over by tomorrow.

We recently had Garth and Wendy of Valela. Valela was the boat we met in the middle of the pacific on our way to the Marquesas. We traded cokes and books. They have been in Auckland the whole season and came here to do work on their boat. We had them to dinner and had a lovely time. They will be headed to Fiji at the end of the month.

Jordan is a manic man with his list book of boat work. It gets tedious. I am so glad he recently had a record setting glider flight - 2 hours in the air at 12 thousand feet. He caught the wave finally! He is trying to drop hints about coming back here next season so he fly here. Hmm... I want to see Australia.