April 5

Oh god we are still waiting for our parts. NATURALLY the colored pencils I ordered got here in a record 5 days but the autopilot part is at day 25 and still no sign. We are mellowing and trying to stay relaxed. This last weekend Jonah's best friend, Allen, came for the weekend. They had a lot of fun doing goofy kid stuff like LEGO, playing with action figures and watching movies. There is a small carnival in town and we took the kids on Saturday night. We didn't go on any of the ride as they seemed rather small for adults. The kids were thrilled but Jonah insisted on going on the Spider ride which whirls you around in a little car. Apparently he couldn't hold himself up while it spun and hit his head repeatedly (another 25 points off his SAT's!) and came off the ride bawling like a baby. A huge cotton candy seemed to calm his nerves. The boys tried all the stupid booth games (throw the ring on the bottle etc). Of course they didn't succeed at any but after the fishing pole one, Allen made fun of Jonah and Jonah rushed him and threw him to the ground. Apparently I had the sense to wander away at that moment and when I came back there was a freaked out Dad holding two boys. Naturally two minutes later they were best friends again. I was exhausted after a couple more rides and we claimed to have run out of cash (we had already spent $25!) and took the boys back to the boat. We are very happy that Jonah has a best friend as it has been a while since he has someone like that. The other kids here are older and the one boy his age only wants to hang out with his older brother and his friends. There is that mysterious "click" of friendship - sometimes it happens and sometimes it doesn't.

I am very ready to leave though. I cant imagine spending a year here even if we spent a lot of time at the outer atolls. I am ready for a change. I am excited about Fiji as I think it will be fun.

The other night some kids tried to steal our dingy but we keep it hauled up out on the side of the boat. Its good because the bottom stays cleaner and it foils thieves. We use a three point lifting harness and when one of the kids climbed in on the side it collapsed sideways and dumped the kid. I heard the noise and ran up to see the kids racing away. Big hubbub. They apparently stole the dingy from another boat and although they left it at the dock - it got crushed under the dock during high tide.