April 2

It's freezing. It is seems that Fall started on Sunday with a cold snap. It is around 50 degrees with a wicked wind that makes it feel like its 40 degrees. I am wearing a fleece and socks. It is supposed to warm up a bit. Jonah has rosy cheeks!

Jonah is having a blast roaming around with the gang of boat kids. I am giving him more freedom although I generally like to have Victor in the gang as he looks out for Jonah. I try to do things every couple of days for the kids as I think it is good for them to leave the marina despite having obsessed parents. Jonah went to the movies on Sunday with Hannah. Today I took Victor, Emma, Hannah and Jonah to play soccer in the local park. They had a good time despite the tendencies of Jonah to tackle the ball and Victor and Emma to slug each other. Kids.

We are going to leave around the 25th. I am behind on my tasks because it is so cold! Thank god the QJ has heat.