March 20

We are still not on the boat. The painting is taking a bit longer like everything on a boat does. The Queen is looking grand though. The new bowsprit looks great and everything has come together just took a wee bit longer.

I am provisioning the boat and it is going well. I have started moving our stuff back on the boat. We have to be out of here in 7 days and I don't want a hellish last day. Its so hard to pack everything away on a boat. We will probably be still on the hard for a night before they put us back in but that's ok.

I am so psyched to go! I am actually surprised because the accident and all the fixing was crazy and a bit depressing. I thought I would dread going sailing again but I am excited and not scared in the least. I hope we get to do some great sailing. I guess I am a bit more confident because I have more experience under my belt. This make me dangerous probably because I started absolutely at zero. The most frustrating thing is the amount of physical strength it takes to sail our boat. Jordan has to do certain things simply because he is stronger. I am looking forward to the quiet life of cruising and anchoring out. Marina life can be very close at time and one feels very apart from the sea and nature.

I am looking forward to teaching Jonah. He really has a good start on learning how to read and I think it will be fun to really start reading and writing with him. I am going to incorporate more of where we are into our school. It is hard do a science or write a journal if you cant write! Now at least he can write a short sentence and draw a picture about something. I really like the exercise books that he uses at school. It keeps his work tidy and together and he gets a lot of pride by looking at his work.