March 16

Yesterday was Jordan's 41st birthday and we had fun. We got 6 big lobsters from a local guy and we kept them in a net trailing off the boat. Boats came from hundreds of miles around - well ok the four sail boats in this atoll came together to have a party. We are at the Northernmost anchorage and it is sweet. Aqua water and calm. Jim and Jeanette from "Dancer", Jerry and Nina from "Arc Tracer" and James and Pam from "Rainbow Chaser" attended. Jim made a fish chowder that was awesome. Pam made rice and asparagus (canned of course). Nina made a lovely coleslaw and we boiled up those lobsters in an enormous stainless pot that Jim brought over. It was a lot of fun. Very relaxed and nice. Everybody enjoyed it. Pam collected fish floats and decorated them with a magic marker for decoration. She also brought 6 wishbones so Jordan could really get his wish. Jonah was thrilled and the day before we made a copper book and a copper bookmark with a craft kit that Cousin Ruth had given him ages ago but I had hidden for a "rainy day". He woke up at 6:30 to give it to Jordan. That night Jonah was exceptionally good and ended up falling asleep in my bed while the adults chatted.

Jordan left the Sat phone on because his mother was planning to call and out of the blue his brother, Danny, called and that was a nice surprise.

Today Jonah was invited to Arc Tracer to make cookies with Nina. He had a great time enjoying the attention of two adults who find his chatter interesting. He taught Nina chess. Later Jerry took him to the beach for Frisbee and we joined in. Of course after 30 minutes on the beach we all ended up in the water due to the heat playing. A good time.

I have no clue what we will do tomorrow - perhaps move to another motu down south as the wind seems to be moderating. I am thinking we might try going out the pass in the Queen Jane to go fishing as I am craving some Mahi.

Despite no diving due to the high winds and only mildly interesting snorkeling - the place is beautiful and we are enjoying our selves.

Jordan slipped in the dingy several days ago and landed on a pad eye (a metal loop which sticks up used to lift the dinghy). It seems likely that he injured his tailbone. Ouch. Poor guy.

Jonah is doing awesome in school and I am thinking about skipping tomorrow since he is just cranking through the work. I don't know if I want to start third grade this early but I guess its important to keep him challenged.