March 7, 2005

It has been raining for 3 days. The equatorial trough has moved over us. In some ways it is pleasant since it is cloudy and rainy but otherwise it is no fun. We got some light westerlies which forced us to re anchor as we were too near the shore. The next day we dragged a bit and re-anchored again. We are fine now but we are ready for sunshine again.

We are thinking about leaving here next weekend depending on the winds. We will be headed to Kapingamarangi which is 170 miles south.

We have been having a very relaxed time here. Jonah loves it as there are lots of kids with whom to play. I drop him off at the beach and he runs around till he gets bored and hollers for a pickup.

Jordan has been cooking up a storm lately. He has been making an awesome sourdough bread which is a big hit with all the crew. Two days ago, he went into an absolute frenzy producing 2 sourdough loves, 2 white bread and lemon bars. The theory behind this is that once you have the oven hot it is efficient gas usage to cook something else.