March 1

We are currently in Ailuk Atoll which lies about 200 miles NW of Majuro, capital of the Marshall Islands. The passage was rough as the seas were steep. We went very fast and the had to slow down so we would arrive with the sun high enough to navigate the pass. The pass was pretty obvious but did require good light and several hard right and hard lefts. We went to the main village in the south to check in with the Mayor of the Atoll as required and pay our $25 fee for visiting. It was a nice village but the anchorage was rough in a NE wind and we left after 2 days for a lovely anchorage more north and more protected. Its great here as the islands in front are uninhabited.

I have been sick since arrival - some sinus/cold thing aka The Majuro Crud. Apparently we heard on the single side band that "Wind Runner" had it too! I might have picked it up from Jonah's friend Allen who came for a sleepover with a wicked cough and sniffle. The worst was the complete exhaustion that accompanied this cold. I just wanted to sleep sleep and sleep. I think we will stay here another day before moving a little more north.

The snorkeling around here was ok but we only went once as I felt like crap. I definitely cant dive for another day or two. I am hoping that the north end of the atoll will have some possibility for good dives. BUT I am mainly into relaxing after the madness of Majuro and running around and socializing and everything.

I think we will hang out here for a couple of weeks. We were considering going to another atoll but since we want to be back for the Coconut Cup Race on the 28th so we might just hang out here. Who knows? After that we still have another 6 to 8 weeks in the Marshalls so we still have time to check out some more atolls. Then we are headed south to Tonga and Fiji. This will be our third visit to Fiji! Its maybe not the most spectacular of all the places we have visited but it has so many positives. The people are awesomely friendly, there a million anchorages, you can have isolation or you can have city stuff and all within a day sail. The diving is mixed apparently they had a big coral kill-off in the mid 90's. Apparently the northern tip of Tavenui still has some nice dives. But whatever.

After the summer we are going to head to New Caledonia for some good French food and hopefully warmer weather than we had last year there. Then, in November we head for Australia. I don't think we will visit the US this year as the it is so damm expensive to fly which is why I guess no one visits us. Jordan and Jonah visited the US in August and it cost a total of around $6 thou with incidentals. Yikes. We have visited every year since we have been away and we just cant afford it anymore. We need to buy new computers this year and we just bought a new family car (the new dingy) so we are a bit tight.