February 23

Well here we are back in Majuro since the 13th. We did the Meico Beach Yacht Race. I am sure Jordan gave details in his journal but I have two words "Pouring Rain". Oh yeah and the "big burly guys" who were supposed to crew canceled the last minute and we just had our friends, Marly and Louis, who are great although not exactly big and buff. We had fun even thought we sucked - our main problem was being a half mile from the starting line before start not to mention a badly executed tack at the outer mark.

But the prizes are given out by drawing from a hat so YEAH! we got a night at the Outrigger Resort (the only nice hotel in town). The party was nuts, lots of carousing and silliness. The Karaoke machine was a big hit and Martin from "Wind Runner" channeled Tom Jones all night. Jonah begged to sing a song too but his repertoire sucks, thankfully we found "Morning Has Broken" and he belted that out and then cried because he didn't know any other songs. OY kids!