February 5

We are still here in Maloelap having a blast. The southern anchorage here has great access to diving and we are having fun. It is a wall dive with some current. There are tons of fish, nice coral, huge groupers, rays, sharks, turtles and all of them very mellow about the presence of divers. I am not particularly keen on current dives because when you anchor the dingy and dive the first 2/3rds of the dive is work because you are swimming into the current.

There were a bunch of boats here but most of them left so we are here with "Wind Runner" and "Dancer". "Roxanne" was here but then went to the northern anchorages. Jonah had a blast playing with Jack and Tristan. 

I have gone in to the village a bunch of times and met the daughter of the Queen. I am a bit fuzzy on what she is the Queen of but she and her daughter are people of importance on this motu. Her daughter, Raeko, teaches at the school and introduced me to some ladies who made baskets. I bought some bowl baskets that were nice, the best part was sitting and watching them finish my baskets. Most of them don't speak English so Raeko translates for me. Jonah really enjoyed playing with the kids here - the older boys are starting to learn English at school so Jonah can converse with them enough to get a game going. Chasing chickens and pigs are favorite activities. The other day he got them all to carry sticks and pretend they were soldiers. Its been a while since he had so much fun playing with village kids. Yesterday I brought Christy in and introduced here to the ladies. They were busy preparing food for a Church Youth group party. They are all fairly religious but it seems to have not impacted their family life except for the fact that everyone has tons of kids but not necessarily with one partners. Hey its not the different from the US probably. I haven't met any of the men as men and women do not hang out together, there is a distinct separation. 

Last night Jordan cooked up a big Middle Eastern feast with Falafel and Hummus and homemade Lebanese bread. We invited "Dancer" and "Wind Runner" and had a blast.