February 2

We continue to knock things off the infamous boat to-do list. I have started painting all the exterior wood which is done in Cetol - a sort of faux varnish. I had told Jordan that I didn't think it needed to be done - after all I had just done it in New Zealand in March. He reminded me that it has now being almost a year! Yikes. In addition, I have lots of other little tasks like oiling interior wood and cleaning stainless that are constant and on going. Anyway, I taped and did one coat in the cockpit. I was going to do more today but remnants of a tropical cyclone blew through today and it rained and blew around 30+ knots on and off throughout the day. We hunkered down and had a sleepy day. 

Jonah's best friend, Charlotte from Danza, is back and they have been having a blast playing together. He confided to his dad that he will marry her when he grows up as he loves her. What a cutie!

An interesting note is the attitude towards antibiotics down under. Jonah had an ear infection and I went to the Doctor here to get antibiotics. He gave me a 5 day course of amoxicillin and told me I could refill if I wanted. I talked to Judy from Danza (she is a doctor) and she said the Doctor gave me antibiotics because I am American and that they usually don't. They rarely give antibiotics for ear infections of children here! My concern was that Jonah usually got a 7 to 10 day course and he only gave me 5! I refilled and am giving the full 10 days. Judy said the medical establishment here feels completely differently on the treatment of ear infections. I am unclear as to whether this philosophy is driven by socialized medicine and keeping costs down or by real data. In the US, the belief is that ear infections used to be the major cause of deafness. Deafness aside - Jonah was feeling very poorly and no doubt would have taken weeks to recover undedicated. Indeed the one time I inadvertently did not treat an inner ear infection - his eardrum burst. I talked to someone who said they were give antibiotics in NZ and was told to take them until they feel better. As everyone knows who has ever taken antibiotics, you take the entire run of the prescription even after you feel better.

I was feeling a bit under the weather but am feeling better. I am a bit bored of marina life and am feeling restless. I am looking forward to our trip to the US. 

I having been drawing more. It really makes me feel great to draw and my odd drawings make me feel good when making them.