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January 11

We have been busy on the Queen Jane. Jordan got all the tanks back into position. The last were too hard to move by he got a hydraulic device which helped. It was a mess for 4 days with us leaping from support beam to support beam as the floors were up. Now technically the floor of a boat is called the sole - that nice varnished wood work on which you walk - the "floor" on a boat is the support beams SO you could say we were walking on the floor! Wacky eh.

I have been working really hard with Jonah so we could take the Lesson 60 First Grade Reading Test before vacation. I gave him the test this morning and he only got two wrong answers on a 7 page test!!! He had to read all the questions himself and answer them. I am very proud of his reading achievement as he has worked hard on improving. His confidence has increased dramatically and he longer shies away from taking a stab at figuring out a new word. I told him he will be able to read stories to his younger cousin, Cole and he was very excited by that idea. Big boy and all that. 

We went to the beach a bunch of times this week as I needed to get him off the boat while Jordan worked although we did lure Dad away for a family romp on the beach. One day I had a migraine and Jordan did everything - 4 stars to DaddyO. Thank god for my migraine medicine because I was ok by dinner. 

We went out to the nicest restaurant in Mooloolaba (or close to it) with a bunch of other cruisers - all Americans. We made a large noisy group and Jonah was excellent and stayed up till 10:00pm! Okay I did lay the law down and he had a new toy to occupy him. We had fun. The rest of the group went on to a bar while we caught a cab home.

Today Jonah and I returned movies to Blockbuster. It is a vigorous 5 k walk and I walked fast! On the way back we stopped at one of his favorite playgrounds where he always meets lots of kids. This time a bunch of kids recognized him so he had even more fun. 
One of the movies we had rented was Moses and the Ten Commandments with Charleton Heston. He LOVED it. When Moses parted the Red Sea, Jonah hooted "Yahoo they are getting away Yeah!". Of course all the scenes were men and women kiss, he says "Yuck Kissing!" I have no idea where he gets this idea. Silly little boy stuff.

We are leaving for our two week trip to Sydney and Melbourne on Monday. We are looking forward to it a great deal. We are flying from Brisbane to Sydney and then on to Melbourne.