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January 4

Lots of fun on the QJ. We have discovered that some of our fuel and water tanks have shifted slightly - 1.5 inches forward and various connector hoses are being crushed. When we were rebuilding the boat and we had to rip the old ones out - we made a big deal about making sure they were secured. Well they mostly are - awthartships but not fore and aft. OF COURSE - this might have something to do with being hit by a freighter last year (See Dec 01). I guess I cant be too pissed since I am here in the land of the living but I am. Fixing them is a pain but we have two small leaks - one fresh water and one unknown - hate those unknown leaks. Essentially we have to lift all the floors and empty the fuel tanks and jimmy them back and secure them. I am sure Jordan will write extensively on the subject and with more technical expertise. The salon table needs to come up and most of the floors and we get to leap nimbly from support beam to support beam - alright some of the floors will be left in but I am a bit grumpy about it. 

Yesterday we went to Brisbane for the day. We went and had Dim Sum (called Yam Cha here) - oh happy yumminess. Then went to a Chinese grocer and stocked up on ingredients Jordan needs to continue to produce delicious Chinese yummy dinners. We went to a Boat Bookstore and a huge Borders bookstore. I always think it's a scream that I travel halfway across the world and I shop at a lot of the same stores. In addition, we went to some camping stores to look for tent poles for our cockpit awning. The poles are used to give the awnings some curve over the cockpit. Jonah had fun. He loves Dim Sum; especially because you don't have to wait for food, just peer around for the nearest cart. In a real Dim Sum place, carts full of different yummies are wheeled around from table to table and you pick want you want off the carts. New stuff is always coming out of the kitchen and one tends to eat too much as one's favorite dish always materializes just as one as eaten 5 other things. Jonah has developed a real fondness for Chinese Duck and sucks the meat of the bones with the ease and comfort of a veteran. 

Afterwards we went to the public pool/beach (we call it the Bool or the Peach) in riverside park. The pool is shaped like a wetlands or estuary and longer then an Olympic size pool but has sand beaches . It was packed though so I sat on the grass while the boys went for a dip. We drove home, rented some movies and had a early night. Jordan and I watched a hysterically funny film, "About A Boy" (Hugh Grant), and laughed a lot.