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January 1

Ok – resolution 1 – write more journals! Exercise more – be healthy…blah blah blah.

Last night Jordan cooked a wonderful Italian meal and made Sidecars. We decided not to do the big social thing and we had a lovely time. A party would have only been possible with a bunch of kid boats and none were around.  The town was having fireworks at 9 and 12. The early ones were for the kids so the beach was packed with families and teenagers roaming around. Jonah was thrilled with walking around. He kept shouting to everyone “Happy New Year”. It was very cute. We bought him an ice cream and walked home. We told him he could stay up till midnight so I put on a movie (Star Wars) and he fell asleep at 10:00pm. We weren’t far behind – we are just old folks I guess. I suppose the large cocktails had something to do with it.

Yesterday afternoon we went to the beach but the waves were so big and steep that I got tossed and pounded. I was worried about Jonah but he stuck to his board and surfed.  Jordan worked on boat tasks. One of our stanchions got bent and he had to take off all the lifelines on the port side.

 We are thrilled to see the new Year. It has been a tough year for Jordan’s family and we hope the new Year brings then all joy and happiness.