October 21

Today was our third day in Australia , counting the day we arrived as day one. Day two was Jonah’s birthday and we had a wonderful time. We spent the morning shopping and organizing a birthday party. The marina lent us their tent and picnic tables and BBQ. We got hot dogs for the kids, and cake. We had some tuna and steaks (left over from our passage) for the adults and we got a case of beer on ice. Two couples who arrived shortly before we did joined us at the party, “Escaped” from San Jose and “Harrier” from Washington State . For kids, we had only 2 guests, ages 4 and 7, children of the customs officer who cleared us into the country (and his wife of course). The marina manager brought his 3 year old daughter and we had a lovely time out on the lawn in front of the marina office.  

Of course, Jonah loved all of his birthday gifts from each of his family. He got a Hot Wheels set and a Power Rangers Megazord from his parents. A kids CD player from his Uncle Danny. Several Lego cars and things from his gammy Rita ( Jordan ’s mom) a telescope from his Nana (Kate’s mom) and a Power Rangers Ship and action figures from his Grandpa Jonny and Grandma Barbara. He was in heaven of course and after opening each gift claimed each was his favorite in turn. In the end though (as we expected) the Megazord was given top honors as favorite present.  

Today we did laundry (well, Kate did) while Jonah and I went to town to shop. We got a new SIM card for the cell phone, so we are now fully wired again to the modern world. We shopped for a few odds and ends at the supermarket and had fish and chips at a little pub. We are still unsure what we are going to do next. There are some boat repairs needed and we are debating whether we should get some of it done here in Bundaberg or move on down to Mooloolaba and have it all done there. Moving on seems to be winning as there is really not much to do here and Mooloolaba is a nice little resort town which is also the yachting center for the Queensland coast. Plus it has a great beach. It sounds a lot like Mt Maunganui, New Zealand where we spent last cyclone season.  

No rush to decide today. I have already started making inquiries about trades people and if we find people who seem competent and can get the work done now we may stay a while. Otherwise we will be on our way South in a few days.