September 2

Today we begin provisioning. We spent the weekend putting away all the stuff we bought. Last night I installed the new DVD player we bought in the US. We also picked up a bunch of used DVDs from a Blockbuster rental place so we have plenty of new movies to watch even though the "big screen" is only 9" diagonal. The player was amazingly inexpensive, only $150, and is quite small AND runs directly off 12vdc. It was advertised in fact as a "mobile" unit appropriate for use in a moving vehicle (ie. car). I can't see how it could fit in a car though, it is almost as big as a VCR in fact. We did find a nice place for it in our port side TV cabinet along with the 9" TV and the AC/DC play-only VCR (which is not long for this world).

I am going to the butcher this morning to order meat, hopefully they will deliver it to the boat pre-frozen. This is how we usually do it as putting too much warm, unfrozen, meat in our freezer will result in a lot of half-frozen meat. We need about 10lbs of steaks, 20 lbs of pork loin or boneless cutlets, 15lb of ground beef (which we use for hamburgers, meatloaf, meatballs, etc., etc.) and 20lb of chicken breast.