August 4

Today Uncle Danny arrived; Jonah and I hitchhiked to the airport to meet his plane. We had a rousing welcome for him and proceeded back to the boat and quickly began aclimating him to the environment. We began with surf skiiing - riding a surfboard behind the dinghy. Jonah used his boogie board but I borrowed a real surfboard from our neighbors on "Kaein" and Danny tried with it. He was almost standing. Perhaps if my dinghy was a bit more powerful he would have been able to get up.

After lunch in town at a nice restaurant we did a little shopping at the supermarket then went back to the boat. The two of us then went diving on the reef just outside the pass while Kate stayed home with Jonah who napped. After that, we went back into town to buy some fresh fish - the fishermen usually return to town around 4pm and put out the day's catch on racks. The last few days there were only Tuna, and lots of them, but today we only saw 3 MahiMahi and they were very expensive ($50 for a fish of about 40lbs). It's a lot when you can catch them for free. We bought frozen shrimp at the market instead.