August 3

Friday in Huahine saw some new developments aboard the Queen Jane. Uncle Beegs has suddenly (and I do mean suddenly) booked a flight and is enroute to Huahine as I write this. We have been having "exploratory discussions" regarding a possible visit for months. Literally. Uncle Beegs doesn't like to make plans too far in advance though as his business is quite rapid paced and deals are often made within a swirl of confusion and flux, at least that is my impression (Check out

Last night when I checked my email I found 4 emails from him sent at different times over the last 24 hours. The first seemed like a continuation of our discussion "but if I come this week then" or "But I can't wait in Huahine for 3 more weeks!" and "maybe if I come on the 18th" - and then the next email says "I'm thinking of coming tomorrow" followed by the last in the series "I'm on flt 395 at 914pm arriving 910am, pick me up at the airport". That's pretty sudden! One thing about my bro, when he makes a decision (which is rare) he doesn't waste any time screwing around. He arrives Sat. at around 9am.

So, today we are cleaning up the boat a bit, though right now Jonah and Kate are over visiting at "Bifrost" an Aussie boat with a really weird name which has nothing to do with meat. They have Ben and Jesse aboard (aged 6 and 4). Of course, Jonah is almost 5 but towers over and outweighs both boys; the three of them together are like a writhing mass of little boys wresting, climbing and running, along with screaming.

Last night's night dive didn't happen. Oh, we went out the pass in the dinghy, twice! Came back both times, the pass is fairly close and an easy dinghy ride. The first time we came back it was because we couldn't find the mooring buoy. The local dive shop (Club de Plongee) owns the buoy and has it set to lie about 3 feet below the surface, I suppose so that random boats don't use it and get in their way. The manager said we could use his buoy when he wasn't there. We dove the same site during the day 2 days earlier so I thought I could find the buoy. But even with 2 lights scanning the water we came up dry. I went back to the boat to get the portable depth sounder thinking that if I only knew where the 35ft point was on the slope I could scan North and South along the reef at the right depth and find it. Didn't work. We went back the second time in defeat and gave up.

Maybe tomorrow afternoon I will go out with Danny and find the buoy in the sunlight and attach a small float - if its after the dive boat is done they won't even know its there and then when we go back in the night it will be easy to find and retrieve it. I expect while Danny is here we will be doing a lot of diving. I suppose we will spend 2 or 3 days here at Fare since it has easy access to diving and everything is already unpacked (compressor, dive gear, etc.) then we will go over to Raiatea and Tahaa (sister islands whose fringing reefs have grown together and are connected allowing passage between them within the lagoon complex).