August 2

Wow, I can't believe it is August already. Its been almost a full 12 months since we left Seattle - August 29th I believe we left Neah Bay in Puget Sound. And here we are anchored in the beautiful South Seas tropical paradise of Huhahine in the Society Islands. Can I say wow again without sounding trite? Wow!

Things are going well lately. Nothing new broken. We're finally going to get our package sent from the US last month by my dad. It was supposed to take 10 days to arrive (while were in Moorea) and instead took close to 4 weeks. We found another boat in Moorea heading over here to bring it for us. Its got tons of important stuff we need - our mail, which we haven't had any of since April. The mail includes replacement credit cards, bank card, dive certification card which I have been without since losing my wallet in Mexico in April. Videotapes for Jonah made by his Gammy (mostly PBS shows), fishing lures I ordered, 5 months of sailing magazines (which I was kind of bored reading last time I had a new one, though I am looking forward to Ocean Navigator). The box also should have my new Lycra dive skin I ordered since I lost mine at Makemo (blew over the side one night and was gone).

We are really liking Fare the main village at Huahine. The scenery in the bay is outrageous and the water crystal clear. We went diving outside the pass yesterday and we were shocked by the water clarify. It seems even more clear then the water in the Tuomotus, though it can't compete for fish life with those atolls. We didn't see any pelagic species (ocean going fish as opposed to reef fish) though the coral reef was in great shape and the fish abundant.

This evening we are going night diving and Jonah is staying on the boat with a sitter (Anne from "Kaein"). We haven't gone night diving in years and I for one am very excited about it. Kate is a bit lukewarm but willing. She has only been on 2 night dives and neither went especially smoothly - she lost her weights on one and on the other it was rough and surgy and we had a hard time finding the dinghy after the dive.