July 25

We didn't do much yesterday except sleeping. We arrived yesterday at Huahine after an overnight sail from Moorea. We anchored at about 10am and went for a swim. I also spent an hour cleaning the grime and grass off the waterline - nothing grows on the bottom thanks to the fabulous bottom paint we put on in Mexico (which is illegal in the USA because it contains Tin) but at the waterline we have a blue "bootstripe" which is not anti-fouling. The starboard (right) side of the boat is especially bad since we list (lean) a tad to starboard and so the bootstripe spends most of its time in the water unlike on the port side where it remains dry.

After that Kate and I went to sleep, not having slept much the night before while sailing, and Jonah watched videos. Jonah was really seasick on the sail over and so he slept the till we anchored and was full of energy. It was not really so rough, its just that spending so many weeks in calm anchorages has caused the crew to lose their sea-legs.

Today we plan a quiet day. Some chores which require tending to, as usual. We have to inflate the dinghy and put the motor on it. We haven't put on the sail covers yet, so that has to be done. Kate is doing some laundry, or rather, our washing machine is doing it - Kate just has to hang it to dry. We had French toast for breakfast today using day old French bread, so it really is French bread! At the hotel we visited last week with my dad they had French toast with French bread every day at the buffet, only they didn't call it French bread, they called it Pan Perdu which Kate says means "forgotten bread". Sounds to me like they rescue the day old slightly stale bread by soaking it in egg and cooking it. Works for me. Mmmmm mmmm.

Other then that we may explore a bit. We are anchored between the main island and a large "motu" (island) which forms a lagoon inside which is peaceful and calm. The scenery here is outrageous! Hard to describe, so I will only say check out the Photo Gallery for July after the first of the month when we put up new pictures!